Minerals are the chemical elements that your body needs to survive. Important minerals in food are listed below along with some of the most nutrient dense dietary sources. Click the link on the mineral for more information.

Calcium - Some foods rich in calcium include dairy products, fortified cereals, tofu, and spinach.

Copper - Some foods rich in copper include beef, oysters, mushrooms, and barley.

Fluorine - Some foods rich in fluorine include cranberry juice, apple juice, beef, and yogurt. Most municipal water in the United States is fluorinated so finding a dietary source for fluorine is unimportant.

Iron - Some foods rich in iron include clams, fortified cereals, oysters, lentils and squash.

Magnesium - Some foods rich in magnesium include squash, brazil nuts, halibut, spinach and almonds.

Manganese - Some foods rich in manganese include oats, nuts, pineapple, and fortified cereals.

Phosphorous - Some foods rich in phosphorous include cornmeal, dairy, oats, and fish.

Potassium (also listed in macronutrients section) - Some foods rich in potassium include potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, yogurt, and bananas.

Selenium - Some foods rich in selenium include brazil nuts, fish, barley, turkey.

Sodium (also listed in macronutrients section) - Some foods rich in sodium include meat, dairy, seafood, and spinach.

Zinc - Some foods rich in zinc include oysters, meat, peanuts, and fortified cereals.


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