Saturated Fat
What is saturated fat?
Saturated fatty acids are potential sources of body fuel and structural components of the cell membrane however, these functions can be formed from other fuel sources and therefore saturated fat has not been associated with any beneficial role in preventing chronic disease.

What happens if I have a deficiency in saturated fat?
There is no evidence that saturated fatty acids are essential in a diet or that they play a beneficial role. Therefore, neither an AI nor a RDA are set. However, it is not possible or advisable to try and achieve zero percent of energy from saturated fat.

What happens if I have excess saturated fat?
Total saturated fatty acid intake is positively correlated with total LDL cholesterol concentration and risk of congestive heart failure.


Source: "Saturated Fat Affects More than Your Cholesterol" Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN, American Institute for Cancer Research

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What is the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)?
There is no RDA for saturated fat.