Macronutrients are the "main" nutrients you normally associate with foods. These nutrients are listed below along with some of the most nutrient dense dietary sources. Click the link on the nutrient for more information.

Calories - Some foods rich in calorie include cous cous, rice, cheese, and fast food.

Carbohydrates - Some foods rich in carbohydrate include rice, cous cous, and raisins.

Cholesterol - Some foods rich in cholesterol include chicken, turkey, beef, and eggs.

Fat - Some foods rich in fat include candy, cheese, coconut, and fast foods.

Fiber - Some foods rich in fiber include barley, beans, peas, and lentils.

Potassium (also listed in minerals section) - Some foods rich in potassium include potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, yogurt, and bananas.

Protein - Some foods rich in protein include duck, chicken, turkey, and fish.

Saturated Fat - Some foods rich in saturated fat include coconuts, cheese, and milk.

Sodium (also listed in minerals section)- Some foods rich in sodium include meat, dairy, seafood, and spinach.