Sample Menus

You might want to start with some of our thought-out and tested grocery lists. They'll help you get used to eating on a healthy diet and make sure that you get plenty of selection. All the lists below were developed for two persons for seven days. We've actually lived off of these for several weeks and promise you'll be eating delicious meals every day.

Good old bagels and cream cheese. Pasta and sauce. Peanut butter and jelly. Everything you like to eat.

Trying to cut back on calories? This grocery list will give you more food than you can handle at only 1900 calories/day.

Sometimes you just need seafood. Now you can afford it.

Don't want to cook? All cook-free diet.

You can eat hamburgers and still eat healthy. Try the hamburger diet!

Smores! Enough said.

Are you vegetarian but worried about getting proper nutrition? Try a sample vegetarian menu.

It's even harder to get proper nutrition on a vegan diet. Now it's easy and affordable.