About the Grocery App

Have you ever wondered the most inexpensive way to eat? Did you think it was fast food like most other people do? Here is one of Nutrimentum's discoveries: it's not! Even if you don't consider vitamins and minerals, you're better off buying groceries than buying food at a fast food place. And here's a shocker: fresh produce can be some of the cheapest of all foods! Ok, "most nutrient dense per price" is more accurate but isn't that what you're buying?

Simply put, Nutrimentum's Grocery App helps you find the cheapest food that satisfies not only your nutritional requirements but your personal preferences. Don't like a food? Tell the app to get rid of it! Love ice cream? Tell the app you want some and it'll include it while making sure you still have a healthy diet! Vegetarian? Vegan? The "Special Diets" section will let you limit the app's solutions to whatever dietary constraints you have.

We've packed tons of useful features into the Grocery App. We provided a brief list of them below but we encourage you to explore for yourself!


- Grocery price minimization
- Set limits on how much or how little of a food you want
- Remove certain foods you don't want at all
- Download a PDF of your shopping list and the nutrition it offers
- Find recipes that use the foods in your shopping cart
- Customize the minimum and maximum of each nutrient
- Restrict your diet to nonperishable items, vegetarian cuisine, vegan cuisine, or foods that don't require cooking
- Easy-to-use interface and full instructions built into the program